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Conquering Your Challenges Through Innovation & Creativity

    Dan promises this podcast will give you the "secret sauce of creativity" you can use for the rest of your life.

  Dan Steininger describes himself as a "recovering lawyer and recovering CEO," as he has done both successfully. But he most enjoys his time as a teacher on all levels, from high school to graduate school to international teaching in the United States Peace Corps in Kenya East Africa. He wants the listeners of this podcast to come away equipped with the basics needed to survive in this world through creativity.

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Conquering Your Mountains: Solving Problems through Innovative Leadership

If you are reading this, you have been fortunate to have ancestors who made enough correct decisions to survive, thus ensuring the survival of their progeny. Very likely, you have also navigated life-altering events and managed to survive. You either got extremely lucky or made the right decisions to ensure additional years on this planet. Your "mountains" are those problems or challenges that come our way almost daily as human beings.

Compiled from his award-winning Milwaukee Biz Times column, "Innovate or Die," speaker, author, and former CEO Dan Steininger will offer insights, skills, and the creativity needed to conquer your "mountains." In this book, you will discover:

• A greater sense of thinking creatively
• A framework for embracing and solving your greatest challenges
• A return to the joys of creative thinking after years of trying to produce the "right answer."
• How to take tools of innovation to your organization and apply them
• The "secret sauce" to building your brand and authority

Don't let the looming mountains in your path overwhelm you. If you take the advice seriously in this book and learn from the experiences of others, you will live a more creative life and have a framework to solve your problems.


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