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Catherine Fossett, Executive Director of the Institute For Family-Owned Businesses based in Portland, Maine

“They say “curiosity killed the cat” but it actually saved Dan Steininger’s life and could save yours too! Take a journey with Dan as he reveals the “secret sauce” to creativity, with his accompanying cookbook, and you’ll learn the tips and tricks to solve any problems and lead a more fulfilling life.”

Dan’s presentation workshop emphasized the importance of incorporating creative thinking into our culture and I fully took note that it should be developed as a core discipline within our product management teams and the company as a whole. I appreciate Dan’s insight into how most of us get caught-up in day-to-day activities without giving a thought to developing our own creativity. It will now be a part of our company training program with an emphasis on implementing innovation tools.

Dan conducting an innovation workshop with the leadership team at Marquette University both vice presidents and academic deans.

Charles Denny, Regional Vice President PNC Bank Louisville Kentucky

I enjoyed meeting an accomplished professional like you.
You provided an excellent and thought provoking message for the University of Louisville’s Family Business Center. U of L is critically important to Louisville’s future growth and success and I appreciate your help in furthering the mission of the University’s valuable outreach to our very important family-owned businesses.


Julie Granger, Senior Vice President Milwaukee Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

Dan Steininger co-hosted a Creative Thinking Seminar for a group of our members – both CEOs and team leaders. The content and presentations received top grades for helping attendees to think beyond their traditional paradigms and approach business and personal challenges in a new way, with new energy. Dan is engaging and passionate about helping executives and managers take their companies to new heights. He draws from a wealth of personal experience as a long-time corporate leader in the metro Milwaukee community.


Kate Wicker, Membership Director, Fitchburg Wisconsin Chamber & Visitor business Bureau.

We were absolutely thrilled when Dan Steininger agreed to speak to our members on, “Business Tools of Innovative Thinking.”  Our membership is made up of a wide range of industry-types, sizes, and professionals at different levels within an organization; Mr. Steininger was able to relate to and engage the entire audience.The feedback I received from attendees was the best this year!  Our members and I couldn't have been happier!